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Monday, 22 Apr 19

EYOVA-One Solution to all your hair problems

Hello beautiful people! I hope you all are doing well. We all need beautiful hair, don't we? If you are dealing with any kind of hair problem this blog post is for you! In this blog post, I'm gonna share my review on a hair oil by Eyova for hair growth, hair damage and more. Let's get started

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Wednesday, 29 May, 11:44 AM

Thank u so much for sharing i ordered it and used for a week and the result is Awesome! hair became so shiny and bouncy i love it seriously.everyone should try this . thank u again :)

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Shikha Singh

Thursday, 30 May, 02:46 PM

Hi Shrishti, I'm so glad to know that it worked for you. Love, xoxo <3

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Wednesday, 29 May, 11:45 AM

very costly it is effective that much? in so little quantity??

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Shikha Singh

Thursday, 30 May, 02:49 PM

Hi Suman, Actually, yes if you look at it you'll feel the quantity is less but in real it is very thick in texture and in merely 4-5 drops spreads evenly in all your hair. I'm using the same bottle since two months and I guess I can use the rest for 3-4 months more!! So, go for it don't worry. :)

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Wednesday, 29 May, 11:46 AM

my hair are veryy rough it will work??

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Shikha Singh

Thursday, 30 May, 02:50 PM

It is perfect for all hair types !! It will nourish your hair :)

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